Thursday, 13 September 2012

Branching Out

Watercolour on 8x8 Canvas
Just completed a submission for the Escape ARTfest 8x8 Canvas Prize with the theme 'Branching Out' which I thought very appropriate to my painting themes at the  moment, birds & plants. I also relate to the interpretations of 'breaking free' and 'trying new things', which have personal meaning for me on my arty journey.
On this little canvas I wanted to explain how it is to be free to express and create but still bound by time, ability, mood, space, fear and all those things that keep us earthbound and in our groove... but also sane and functioning. The title is "Let Reason Hold the Reins"
I was about to fill in the entry form when I realised paintings must be unsigned, so I'll have to wash the signature off before I varnish it.


  1. A beautiful piece, and I love your concept as well!

  2. Thank you Sarah, that is such a compliment coming from you, your work is just wonderful. I love your feathers, calendar, nuts, notecards. Your friends must adore the beautiful gifts you make. Great quotes on your blog too. xo